~ Sponsors ~

Sponsor an individual dog who is training for two-three 100 mile races, as well as the Can Am 250 in Fort Kent. While there are currently 20 dogs training for these events, I can not guarantee that the dog you choose to sponsor will make the race team.  

Click on the dogs photo to go to their individual page, to learn more about them.
To sponsor a dog you can send monies to:
Kasey McCarty
1319 Long Falls Dam Rd
Lexington ME 04961

- Paypal -

Don't forget to send your address with your sponsorship so you can receive your goodies! All dogs can have multiple sponsors, so don't be upset if the dog you choose to sponsor is already sponsored! Thanks in advance!

Any of these guys will be racing in many races throughout the season. These guys are all very capable sled dogs and will all be a pleasure to have on the race teams this year!

* A huge THANK YOU to Elanco for their vaccine sponsor!

* Many tail wags and kisses to Dean Cordwell and Nicki Cree for sponsoring the team!

* Many tail wags and kisses to Tina Poulin for sponsoring the team!

* Huge Thanks to Brackett Mechanical Inc in Skowhegan Maine for always keeping the dog truck in tip top shape.



Sponsor any team member for $50 or the whole team for $150!

Fort Illio's Sable

Fort Illio's Hinder

Jedeye Kaltag of Fort Illio

Bray Hill's Drake

Bray Hill's Velvet

Fort Illio's Rev

Fort Illio's Ace

Fort Illio's Throttle

Jedeye Hydro of Fort Illio

Fort Illio's Timberjack

Fort Illio's Komatsu

Jedeye Edda of Fort Illio

Fort Illio's Jett

Fort Illio's Taos

Fort Illio's Jagger

Fort Illio's Layla

Fort Illio's Amp

Fort Illio's Dyna

Fort Illio's Coal

Fort Illio's Volt

Fort Illio's Trouble

Fort Illio's Rebel

Fort Illio's Streak

Fort Illio's Rapid

Jedeye Meadow of Fort Illio

Sponsor these great past team members of Fort Illio for $25

Fort Illio's Elusive Renegade

Fort Illio's Adrenaline Rush

Shjegge Mann's Wat

Shjegge Mann's Rosa

Bones of Jedeye

Fort Illio's Dixie

Fort Illio's Kubota

Niikeenuk Pearl




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