Fort Illio's Taos

Taos has matured nicely and is now the main leader on the team.  Nothing phases this boy and he goes by absolutely everything on the trail. So obedient and thrives to please me. We had a special bond when he was just a pup and that bond just continues to grow every mile we travel together.
A very good eater and loves his trail snacks! Has amazing feet, drive and stamina. Definitely the fastest leader in the kennel!

Races Finished:
2023 - Greenville 35 (Lead) - Can-Am 100 (Lead)
2022 - Greenville 35 (Lead) - Can-Am 100 (Lead)
2021 - Bradford Sprint Race
2020 - Can-Am 100 - Brownville 20
2019 - Can-Am 100 - Greenville 35
2018 - Brownville KI 20

Born: 11/7/16 - Weight: 40 lbs - Eyes Cleared May 2021 - SPS1: Clear - SHPN1: Carrier - DM: Carrier
1 puppy born 5/10/21with Kelim's Beretta, SD (Sombra)
2 puppies born 5/31/22 with Jedeye Edda of Fort Illio - (Jazz & Jive)


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