~ Racing ~

2021 Race Results

Bradford ME Sprint Race -1st, 2nd and 3rd place today out of 9 teams in our class!!! We had a fun time at the Bradford sprint race! Well planned race with plenty of trail help! Trail was quite technical and hard and fast! Made for a scary ride the first trip out! Definitely better driving the second loop around. Good job Carol for coming into 2nd and Veronica Jones for coming into 3rd!! Very proud of our siberians and drivers!! Thank you to Asa for all the help as always at the races and in the kennel. And thank you to everyone that came and rooted for us and helped us to the line!

Kasey's Team - Taos, Hinder, Jett, Hydro, Amp & Volt
Carol's Team - Edda, Rebel, Dyna, Meadow, Streak & Trouble
Veronica's Team - Ace, Drake, Throttle, Timberjack, Layla & Coal



2019 Race Results

Can-Am 100 - Going to this race was a last minute decision. Being sick with a very bad sinus infection/head cold for the last 2 1/2 weeks and anything I did I got winded. Anyhow after running the team and seeing how strong they looked on Thursday I said well if they can do it we should atleast give it a go. After all this event only happens once a year and we have been training all year for this event.
The run to the checkpoint was for the most part uneventful, except for the moose on the side of the trail. Photos to follow. Stay tuned. It was a bit warmer than we would of liked but I put on the sun jackets my mother made on the 3 darkest dogs and I just kept helping the team as much as I could. Which quite frankly wasn't much at all. The only thing I could do was pole, but on a trail this hilly that benefits very little. It was so sunny on the trail and I actually thought it was going to be cloudy. Being on doxycycline for this sinus issue, being In the sun was a bad idea without sunscreen. Let's just say I may have some interesting new racing strips on my face. And it was burning by the time we arrived at the checkpoint. We pulled into the checkpoint and team was HOT. Everyone did snack immediately while made me very happy. I was worried some of my guys than run warmer may not. But they all ate and drank great! When the vets approached I had them check over a couple of dogs that I wasn't quite sure on but Hinder, Ace and Jett and got a check mart. Kaltag didn't pull for the last 15 miles in, so I decided to drop him. Couldn't find anything wrong with him and he was super perky today. But I didnt want to risk him being too tired and getting injured. Team rested well for 3 hours and once it became our time to leave they were ready that we even went sideways across the road.
The second run was much better, colder and firmer trail. Again nothing all that eventful on the way back except it was great to be out there with them enjoying another great Can Am trail, sick or not. Dogs had fun and therefore I had fun watching them! The last 10 miles clipped by pretty quickly and we cruised right into the finish. Hinder lead the whole race and saved my butt on two tricky turns that had plowed road. Ace lead for about half the race and he is always a steady leader. I also put young Taos in lead off and on throughout the race and he did phenomenal. He led half the race as well. That boy is going to be something special. The whole team worked their butts off, I am very impressed with them all. We came in 15th place. And received the red lantern award. Which than I gave to really good friend Gino Roussel because he was really missing being out on this trail!
I want to thank everyone that puts this race on from organizers to volunteers! Definitely a class act race! It was nice to see all our musher friends on and off trail again!
And a big thank you to my 2 handlers mom Aka Carol Lee Durant and my other half Asa Taylor! As well as all the people that helped handle the dogs at the start and finish. A big thank you!
Cant wait for next year!!



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