Milagro's Range Ryder

(Kodiak's Zapetec x Alaskan's Powder of Anadyr)

It devastates us that our Ryder boy crossed over the rainbow bridge, a lot sooner than we had ever expected! Ryder was perfectly healthy up until the last few days of his life, where he developed Liver Cancer. It all happened way too sudden, that I still haven't been able to breath it all in. He was an amazing worker in harness and always gave the team more than his share. Such a laid back boy in the kennel, but as soon as you put him in harness it was all business and determination. Ryder came to us 3 years ago, and he has finished every race I have ever entered in those last 3 years, with never having an injury to date. So to say that he was a very powerful team player, and how terribly missed he will be on the team, is a huge understatement. And yet I am so very grateful to have some pups out of him, in hopes they have the same drive and determination that their father had. They certainly have big shoes to fill. Rest well my big boy, you more than deserve it!


Created by Kelim Huskies Fort Illio Kennels