Shjegge Mann's Roland

(Shjegge Mann's Clyde x Shjegge Mann's Peggy Sue)

Wat and his brother Roland have been a huge force to Fort Illio. Blake described them perfectly when he said "They are like adding NOS to any team!"Both have tough feet, great appetites and are  hard driving forces on the team, no matter where they are!!  Both are amazing hard driving leaders. They both have the best attitude to do their job and to do it well. They are extremely focused, and driven! I can't even explain it in words at how amazing these two boys run, it's just something you would have to see to truly understand at how special they are! Wat and Roland are very partial to each other, while free running in the kennel those two are always side by side doing something. They are the perfect example of the saying "Run hard, Rest hard!" Both boys have finished the Iditarod twice with Blake and Jen, and each time setting the fastest pure bred record!!

Races Finished:

  • March 2010 Iditarod Finisher (w/ Blake and Jen)
  • 2008 Iditarod Finisher (w/ Blake and Jen)
  • Multiple other races (w/ Blake and Jen)
  • Jan 29 2011 KI 30 Miler (Leader)
  • Feb 5 2011 Greenville 100 miler (Leader)
  • Feb 19 2011 Sandwich Notch 45 Miler (Leader)
  • March 5th 2011 Can AM 60 (Leader)
  • Jan 14th 2012 Eagle Lake 100 Miler (Leader)
  • March 3rd 2012 Can Am 60 Miler (Leader)
  • Jan 19th 2013 Eagle Lake 100 Miler (Leader)
  • Jan 26th 2013 KI 30 Miler (3rd place finish) (Leader)
  • Feb 16th 2013 L'Odyssee Appalachienne 100 Miler (Leader)
  • Jan 25th 2014 KI 30 Miler (2nd Place Finish) (Leader)
  • Jan 31st 2015 KI 30 Miler (3rd Place Finish) (Leader)
  • Jan 30th 2016 KI 30 Miler (Leader)

  • Born: April 26, 2005 - Eyes Cleared May 2012 - Weight: 60 lbs
    Offspring: Kaltag & Ruby


    Created by Kelim Huskies Fort Illio Kennels