Milagro's Range Ryder

(Kodiak's Zapetec x Milagro's Spirit of White Diamond)

On Aug 26th 2009 we were forced to say good bye to another special companion. About a year ago Devil got testicular cancer, we removed the testicle, but the vet warned us that there was a good chance of his cancer coming back. We kept Devil healthy and happy as long as we could, up until a week ago. There were multiple signs of his cancer coming back, and this time it was not fightable. He wouldn't eat, he would only drink lots of water. He was loosing muscle tone, and his eyes just looked so tired. It amazes me how quick cancer hits them, it reminded me a lot of Demon and how this effected him. I could see it all again. So we made the very hard decision to not let our beloved companion suffer for any longer. Devil would of been 12 in December, and was still running on moms team leading it. It disappoints us greatly that this was how his life ended. But we are glad to know he is no longer suffering. Rest well my friend, happy trails.


Created by Kelim Huskies Fort Illio Kennels