Dwayne's Brat of Sibeweiler

(Kodiak's Zapetec x Charmist's Keiko of Sibeweiler)

Where to even begin...on August 26th 2009, I had to say goodbye to one of the best dogs that I will ever have the chance to own, all I can say is I was so lucky to share my life with him. Brat was the one that taught me a lot, on trail and off. When I first met him I was only 10 years old and he hated kids. It took me two weeks of walking him two and three times a day and a few bags of biscuits to convince him that I was alright. Turned out he became my dog and lead for me many many years. What he has done for this kennel I couldn't thank him enough, he not only taught me a lot but he produced two of the best dogs in the kennel right now. He taught his daughter Kaleeta
everything he knew within just a short time of running with her. Easy to say he left me in good paws! Thanks Brat for all you have done for team Fort Illio, you will always be missed and loved. Happy trails bud!



Created by Kelim Huskies Fort Illio Kennels