As the team and I work towards our racing goals, it is getting more difficult financially, as prices are increasing rapidly. Our
main goal is to be able to race competitively in as many distance races as possible. This leaves us with a large amount for race
entry fee's alone never mind gas and supplies to race these races. Race entries estimate alone will range from $800-$900.00 In
order to make this possible we must enter 2 teams in most races, If you would like to join team Fort Illio and become a part of  
our adventures in mushing, the team and I will be forever VERY grateful for any support you provide!

Each sponsorship lasts for one full season, starting September 1st, and ending the following year on Semptember 1st. All
sponsorship monies will ONLY be used for  training and racing expenses. Also all sponsors are invited for a kennel visit at any
time (providing we are home) for some thankful dogs kisses and hugs!

There are three types of sponsorship programs: Business Sponsors, Sponsor A Dog sponsor, and Anything Sponsor.

Business sponsors of $150.00+ will get their business name/banner as a advertisement on our website, on our sponsor page,
and home page. You will also receive a autographed photo of Team Ft. Illio! A donation of $250.00+ will get your company
name on our dog truck for the season. Donations can be either of supplies or money. If you would like to become a business
sponsor, please
contact me for further information.

Sponsor- A- Dog sponsors will get their name on the dogs individual page, as well as get a autographed photo of the team or the
dog you choose to sponsor, whichever you prefer. Go to the Sponsor A Dog page for the prices of sponsorship for each dog.
Each dog can have multiple sponsors. Thanks in advance!


Anything sponsors are any donation of $15.00+. Anything sponsors will get your name on our sponsor page, and will receive a
autographed photo, or autographed bootie worn during a race, your choice. If you would like to become a sponsor please
contact me for further information.

All monies can be mailed to:
Kasey McCarty
1319 Long Falls Dam Rd
Lexington, ME 04961

We look forward to you joining team Fort Illio with any support you provide, and thanks again!
Business Sponsors
Sponsor-A-Dog Sponsors
Anything Sponsors
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