2008 Race Results
Feb. 16th-17th 2008 Stratford Night Hawks Race
The team was Kaleeta (L), Aryan (L), Kody, Demon, Blazer, and Ryder. We ran
the 6 dog class 15 miles. Kody had a sore shoulder still when we raced on
Saturday so we went easy on him, but had to drop him from the race on Sunday.
Saturday we came in 8th place out of 17 teams. Not bad for our first race!
Sunday was a little more diffcult than Saturday. Demon ended up with a sore
hind leg so he had to get bagged two miles out, so we only had 4 dogs hauling
Demon and I. We didn't make good time on that day. So overall time with both
days we came in 10th out of 17. Sunday not only having Demon in the bag,
Aryan didn't want to lead, and guess what... my two back up leaders were Kody
and Demon, so Kaleeta had to bring us in by herself. It was her first time
running solo lead! She did awesome! Very impressed!

Made SDO time which is Sled Dog Outstanding! Aryan, Kaleeta, Demon, Ryder
and Blazer all got 30 miles towards their
Sled Dog Titles! Wahoo! Kody would
have made it but where I had to drop him on Sunday, he doesn't get it.
Saturday Time:
Sunday Time:
Overall Time:
Ryder, Blazer

15 miles

15 miles

combined into
30 miles
Made SDO
March 1st 2008 Can Am 30
The team was Kody, Kaleeta in lead, than Aryan and Kiowa in swing, and than
Ryder and Blazer in wheel. The trail was really challenging, a lot of huge hills to
climb! Plus it was snowing, we ended up with a total of 13 inches, luckily we were
done racing before we got that much snow! We came in 22nd out of 30 teams
with a time of 4 hours 51 mintues and 43 seconds. Not bad for our first time
racing at this race. I was very impressed with my dogs and how well they did at
take off. It was a very big crowd of people on each side of the starting chute and
the dogs did great going out and coming in! This was a very hard trail for them.
2009 Race Results
Jan 31st 2009 Katahdin Ironworks Race
This was a very well organized race! We had a lot of fun here. It was a little warmer than we
like, but we got through it. The trail was really soft and slow going. Unfortunately our timing
wasn't all that good due to Phoenix hurting her wrists at take off on one of the bridges. But we
got her through it, and had to bag her every 3-5 miles due to her not liking being bagged at all,
she would scream bloody murder, she was being a spoiled little brat! LOL! She was barely in
any pain, just enough to make her off that day. It was a 30 mile race and we did it in 4 hrs 1 min
and 49 secs. We came in 4th out of 5 teams. And we were pretty close to mosts of everyones
time. I was very happy with the team, and how well they head on passed some teams, of course
we always need work on that, but we are getting there!
Feb 7th 2009 100 Mile Wilderness Race
This race was an awesome race for us! We did our best time yet at this race. We did 30 miles
in 2 hours and 50 minutes! I was so impressed with my team! The team was Kotka and Kaleeta
(L) , than Cree and Storm, than Aryan and Kody, than Blazer and Ryder. THEY ROCKED!
We nailed every turn on this trail. And chased a few alaskan teams! :) The trail started out on
the lake and you went 5 miles on that, than went into a beautiful scenery which you climbed and
than come down the other side! It was an awesome trail! We came in 7th out of 11th, and was
only 1 minute from 6th place! The times were very close. You can view pictures of our race at
this link http://picasaweb.google.com/fortillio/RacePicturesAndTraining09# We will be back
there next year and hopefully be doing the 100 mile race! :)
Feb 28th 2009 Can Am 60 Miler
Feb 14-15th 2009 Stratford Race
This race was a lot of fun, the crowd of people is always great to hang out with, talk dogs, and
of course mush! We were in the 40 mile class and ran 10 dogs. The team was Kaleeta and
Kotka in lead, than Cree & Phoenix, than Kody and Aryan, than Wallace and Storm, and in
wheel Blazer and Ryder. Kotka was in heat so that made the run a little more interesting, but
we had fun! Saturday we did 40 miles in a time of 4 hrs and 26 minutes. We had a great run.
Sunday I dropped two dogs Wallace because lack of mileage and I didn't want to push him.
Phoenix because she is a yearling. On the first part out the second day Storm had an issue
running, and it was his wrists, it was sore. But I didn't want to turn around and head back just
yet because of all the teams coming behind me. So we just plugged along slowly, and than
Kotka of course didn't want to run because she was in heat, so about 8 miles out we turned
around and scratched. I was very glad I did that, becuase the team seemed tired and was
happy to get back at the truck. And it worked out better for future runs! :) I wanted the team
to trust my judgement and making them run and do it didn't seem like it would of been fun for
them nor me. The trail was very hard and fasts and kind of dangerous in some spots, but all
manageable for the most part. Lets just say it made you stay on your toes! :)
Always love this race, and think its a very well organized race. We had a blasts!!! We finished
our first Can Am 60, and I will tell you there will be plenty more to come! This is always a very
challenging race with the huge hills, and going down main street. We start out going down main
street, and than traveling on a railbed for 7 miles, and than the hill climbing starts. We cross a
lake which I fell in because Kotka and Kaleeta didn't know which way to go on the lake and of
course took the wrong way leading us in a slushy part of the trail, so my boot got wet trying to
keep the sled upright, thank god for water proof boots! Than about 40 miles out Cree started
looking behind us, thinking it was another team I stepped on the break to slow the team down,
and there was a bull moose coming up behind me only 50 feet in back of us. At this point I was
panicing, looking for my whistle and trying to stay calm, so the rest of the team don't pick up on
it, just as I look behind me again to see if the big creature is still there, I see a team come around
the corner and he is hooting and hollering thinking this is great that he is chasing a moose! Finally
the moose jumped off trail, but wow that was close! We also gave a ride to a musher who had
losts his team for about a mile, but we keep crashing so we decided it would be bests for him to
walk and hopefully I could catch his team. It was actually 20 miles before his team was caught
at one of the Safety Checkpoints. Thank god his team was okay. The rest of the run was
uneventful, and we did 60 miles in 8 hours and 4 minutes, placing 21 out of 23 teams. The team
was, Kaleeta, (L) Kotka, (L) Cree, Storm, Aryan, Kody, Wallace, (L) and Ryder. Blazer
didn't go because he had a minor sore shoulder, the vet said he could go, but I chose not to
take the chance on making it any worst, and having it take longer to heal! But I will admit I
missed him big time on the team! Wallace was only supposed to go to the checkpoint and I was
going to drop him, well that was the initial plan, he on the other hand had other ideas. By the
time we got to the checkpoint team was doing really well, with Wallace being just as strong as
everyone else, and only have 300 miles on was remarkable to me. So I decided well he doesn't
weigh much if I have to bag him because he gets tired I will. That boy blew me away, he not
only finished the whole 60 miles, but the last 12 miles he even brought us in, in LEAD!!!!!!!!
This is one special boy! Watch for him in the future! Hard driving to the core!
2010 Race Results
Jan 31st 2010 Katahdin Ironworks Race
The team was Kaleeta, Cree, Wallace, Kotka, Yoda, Aryan, Phoenix, Marocca, Ryder,
Lumos, Kody, and Blazer. The trails were hard and fasts, and the trail was in good shape
considering the rain we got during the week prior. I was very happy with our time, and most of
all very happy with how the team came in looking. They looked very strong and they easily
could of done another 30 miles! Always have a great time at this race, and probably will always
do it! We came in 5th place out of 9 teams with a time of 2 hours and 42 minutes!
Feb 6th 2010 100 Mile Wilderness Race
At this race we were bummed that we couldn't do the 100 miler being that it got cancelled, but
the organization pulled some strings and were able to pull off the 30 mile race. So we entered
that and the team was Kaleeta, Cree, Kotka, Wallace, Yoda, Aryan, Blazer, and Lumos. This
trail was also hard and fasts in some areas, but it was in great shape! The views from this trail
was just amazing! About 10 miles in the race Blazer developed a sore shoulder, so I slowed the
in 14th out of 18 teams with a time of 2 hours and 46 minutes.
March 6th 2010 Can Am 60 Miler
This race was a disappointment for us, but a very good lesson learned! With the weather being
in the high 40's to low 50's it was way to warm for the dogs. We were doing great in the first
part of the race, but at 18 miles out Phoenix was off, and neck lining. I stopped check her out it
was her left front shoulder and wrists. I remember how bagging her was, and decided just to
slow the team down and slug along to the halfway point to drop her. About 5-6 miles later, the
team was really getting hot! I have two dogs that get really warm really fasts, and they were just
throwing themselves in the snow. Plus I had Cree on the team who was 4.5 weeks pregnant.
When we got to the halfway point, I decided to scratch, I know the team was capable of
finishing the race, they have done it before. I didn't see any reason in pushing the team in this
heat! I realized it was just a race, and before I ruined the dogs that were getting warm, (which
are two of my bests dogs) I decided to scratch, and was very proud in doing so when I saw
some of the other teams coming in to the finish! My motto this year, there's ALWAYS next
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