Sibeweiler's Magic Light
Date Of Birth:
May 2 1994- May 24th 2008
Sable & White
Rainbow Bridge Member
Magic was our strongest dog while he was running on the team. He
always did his job and did it very well! He was one of those dogs that
got overlooked because he just did his job and never caused any
mischeif. Magic had the fastest trot that I have ever seen a dog
have. This dog could cover some ground and do it pretty quick at
that! He was one that would never get tired. We are seeing this in
his nephew
Kiowa. We certainly miss this guy on our team!
Magic at age 13 1/2.



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It deeply saddens us to announce that one of our good friends has crossed
over the rainbow bridge at just reaching fourteen years of age. Although it is
very hard for us, we know it was his time and that he is much happier, and
healthier in his new place. Magic was one of the first dogs that was given to
me from Terrie Strout and Dwayne Pierce, and came to live with us in the
year 2000. He was always on my team all the way up until his retirement.
We will always remember him, and cherish the many memories, and miles
we have shared together.

Rest well my boy!