Fort Illio's Hinder
Date Of Birth:
June 5th 2011
Shjegge Mann's Watt
NorthWapiti's Sukih
Black & White
American Kennel Club
60 lbs
Cleared April 2015
Bray Hill

Wat x Cree Litter

Shjegge Mann's Wat Shjegge Mann's Clyde Alaskan's Kuska of Anadyr Alaskan's Tokon of Anadyr II
Alaskan's Chenega of Anadyr
Kerby's  Holly of Snowy River Shjegge Mann's Blitzen
Shjegge Mann's Fawn
Shjegge Mann's Peggy Sue Shjegge Mann's Zeak Alaskan's Kuska of Anadyr
Kerby's  Ivy of Snowy River
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NorthWapiti's Sukih NorthWapiti's Skor, SDX NorthWapiti's Super Grover Meomar's Blunder
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Alaskan's Mandy of Anadyr
Alaskan's Kessa of Anadyr II Alaskan's Solo of Anadyr
Alaskan's Nuliga of Anadyr
Hinder is the biggest in his litter, and has a very effortless stride for
movement. He is the one that most resembles his father. He is eager to
please, and runs with such ease. Such a strong, amazing boy, with great
stamina. One that always makes the race team, and is driving hard the whole
way. Definitely a key member of the team!
~Races Completed~
  • Jan 19th 2013 Eagle Lake 100 Miler
  • Jan 26th 2013 KI 30 Miler (3rd place finish)
  • Feb 16th 2013 L'Odyssee Appalachienne 100 Miler
  • Jan 25th 2014 KI 30 Miler (2nd Place Finish)
  • Jan 31st 2015 KI 30 Miler (3rd Place Finish)
  • Jan 30th 2016 KI 30 Miler (3rd Place Finish)
  • March 5th 2016 Can Am 100 Miler
  • Jan 27th 2018 KI 30 Miler 2nd Place Finish (Leader)
  • March 3rd 2018 Can Am 100 Miler (Leader)
Hinder thanks his sponsor
Sheila Luxmore!