Milagro's Demon Of Sibeweiler
Date Of Birth:
Nov 14 2001- Feb 11th 2009
Black & White
58 LBS
23 1/2"
Lead, Swing
Demon is a very cute dog, quite the character. He loves to sniff around in the
kennel and find all the treasures. Demon is amazing in harness, he has a go go go
attitude and never quits! He is a muscle machine. This past season not only in lead
but anywhere on the team he sets a very fast pace, and when he isn't on the can notice it! He got 30 miles towards his SD title this past winter!
~Races Completed~
  • Many Sprint Races
  • Feb 16-17th 2008 Stratford Night Hawks 30 Miles



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It deeply saddens and devastates us that our Demon dog has crossed over the rainbow bridge on Wednesday
February 11th 2009. Up until about 3 weeks ago Demon has been happy and healthy, we didn't know what was
going on with him, but he loss his appetite and soon after things just started going down hill. We decided to do an
exploratory surgery to find out what was going on with his liver. Thats when all heck broke loose. Demon was so
strong these past two weeks, I would of never guessed that cancer was the issue. The cancer had gotten to his
liver, his limp nodes and his spleen, and he was barely hanging on. We knew at that moment it was his time to go
and run free and run fast! Demon I just want you to know that we will always remember how you boxed for
your food, and how hard driving you were on the team! We will NEVER forget you! Thanks for the cherishable
memories and miles we shared.