About Us
Fort Illio Kennels is a mother daughter operation than raises and races Siberian Huskies all over New England. Our kennel consists of
25-30 Siberian Huskies, and we try to keep it that way, even though many know the breed is very addicting and you can't just have one! I
(Kasey) race the longer races, anywhere from 60 milers- 100 milers. My mother (Carol) will be racing her first race in 2013, and she is
more than ready to start out with 30 milers!! When mom is not behind the runners running dogs she is busy making all the gear for the
teams. Such as dog jackets, shoulder vests, and tons of booties! When the dogs are not pulling an ATV or dog sled, they all get turned loose
in an acre all fenced in with a couple of plastic kid pools and play with each other for at least an hour a day.
Home of AKC Racing Siberian Huskies                                             New Portland, Maine